About APLN Chicago

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What is APLN Chicago?
We are supporting a community of Agile professionals in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago, focused on learning, innovation, and thought leadership.

Misconceptions, misapplications, and misinterpretations of what exactly it means to do, or be, Agile abound. Ten years out from the Manifesto, the danger for Agile to become stale and discounted is very real. We aim to change that.

No matter where you are in your experience or satisfaction level with Agile, this is your chance to join us in this meeting of like minds and interests.

Our mission is for this community to shape the direction that Agile will take in Chicago for the next decade.

We invite you to join us and be a part of that mission.

What happens at the meetings? 
One of our key goals was to make every APLN Chicago meeting a rewarding experience for the attendees.  Since our members are traveling from all over the Chicago area, we wanted to allow some leeway in our start time, thus allowing for latecomers while
still providing value for thosewho don’t get stuck in traffic.   As
such, we decided that each meeting will begin with a combined dinner/social networking session.  The cost of the meal is included in your admission fee.  Following dinner, there is a formal presentation on a topic of interest to the Agile community.  The formal presentation is followed by an OpenSpace event, where every attendee has the opportunity to propose and lead discussion topics of their own choosing, or participate in one of several parallel discussion topics proposed by other attendees.  

Who can benefit?
Our goal is to provide opportunities to learn, discuss and debate for everyone in a position to shape the direction that an agile adoption or transformation will progress in their organization. We try to provide different discussion tracks at every meeting, with Open Space topics that will appeal to Line Managers running alongside topics that will appeal to Product Owners alongside topics that appeal to Practitioners. So bring your colleagues, and take part in discussions at all levels!