Agile Professional Learning Conference 2018

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May 3, 2018
8:00am - 4:30pm at the
DePaul University O'Hare Conference Center

Conference Highlights:



Agile Professional Learning Network -

Agile Conference 2018
"Explorations in Leading an Agile Journey"

The Mission: - Boldly Go
Keynote Address
The Ship: The Crew: Navigation:

Communication: - Contact
Space: - Contact

Open Space

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"Explorations in Leading an Agile Journey"

"Okay - close your eyes and imagine that we begin our agile journey to a distant galaxy. No matter where we begin the journey, it is an eternal quest for knowledge - as it should be.

A leader on this journey will need a few things:

The Mission

Keynote Address

The Ship - Mechanics


The Crew - Human Factors


Navigation - Plotting a Course



The afternoon activity will be a more open format in the form of an Open Space event



Join us on May 3rd as the Agile Professional Learning Network takes you on an epic, full-day voyage into an agile future..

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Keynote Address: ""

Open Space Workshop

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