During the Conference

Each day of the conference will follow a similar format (although the content each day will be unique).  Following a brief networking time, we will kickoff the event with a Keynote address on a subject related to the Research Topics being explored that day. Next we will begin the Research Topic presentations where the Client Partner and the Core Research team will present the Challenge associated with that topic.  A number of possible solutions will be discussed.  Next will be a series of skill-building workshops, each covering one or more of the proposed solutions.  The workshops are followed by a Research Team Coordination meeting, where they will formulate the initial recommendations for the Client Partner to try, and setup the cadence for follow-up and continued exploration in the weeks following the event.

Following the Conference

These exploration and self-study activities will ultimately lead to the whitepaper and experience reports that document the outcomes of the recommendations tried at the client organization.

Countdown to APLN Research Laboratory 2021








Available Research Opportunities will be listed prior to the conference.  Each attendee wishing to join a Research Team will have the opportunity to indicate which Research Opportunity they would like to be aligned with.  Those registered as Research Participants who do not pre-select a team will have the opportunity to join a team on the day of the event. Those registered as Attendees will be able to attend any event except the Research Team Coordination meetings (those are exclusively for the Research Participants).


The Call for Registration will begin soon.

Do you want to gain practical experience applying agile solutions to real-world problems?  When you look at the research topic proposals, can you see yourself joining one of those research opportunities as an active participant?  Do you want to gain a co-author credit for an actual experience report?

Participation Submission Deadline: June 7, 2021

Research participants will become members of a cross-functional research team, helping a Client Partner find solutions to their Challenge.  There are three roles available on the research teams:  Research Lead, Researcher and Coordinator.  You will be asked to indicate which challenges you would like to help with and the role you would like to adopt.