Countdown to APLN Research Laboratory 2021








The current list of Available Research Opportunities is displayed below.  Each attendee wishing to join a Research Team will have the opportunity to indicate which Research Opportunity they would like to be aligned with.  Those registered as Research Participants who do not pre-select a team will have the opportunity to join a team on the day of the event. Those registered as Attendees will be able to attend any event except the Research Team Coordination meetings (those are exclusively for the Research Participants).


Research Topic #1

As a large organization with complex product architectures that reflect our matrixed corporate structure,

We want to shorten the lengthy lead times (which we believe are a result of our complex communication pathways),

So that business and technology teams are optimized for fast flow and can deliver product more efficiently.

Hypothesis 1 - per a reverse application of Conway’s Law, a simplified product development structure will drive a simpler architecture and would result in reduced lead times.

Research Topic #2

As a mission driven and community focused organization continually seeking ever better  outcomes for our constituent population, 

We need to craft and communicate a compelling story that resonates and inspires action from a donor community aligned with our mission,

So that we can garner sufficient financial support to allow us to attract, recruit and retain the highly skilled staff needed to deliver optimal outcomes.

Research Topic #3

As an agency serving multiple communities through regional teams with slightly different programs aligned to a common mission,

We need to create an organizational culture that improves communication and collaboration across multiple work locations and the program portfolio,

So that there is transparency and awareness of all that is going on in the organization as well as provide the opportunity to share existing services across locations.

Research Topic #4

As a social services organization working with highly traumatized youth placed in our care,

We need to manage the inherent risks that accompany these youth by balancing our mission of working with them while managing the agency's reputation,

So that we can avoid or mitigate the associated risks and maintain our status as a beacon in the communities we serve.

Research Topic #5

As an organization providing programs and services that are generally grant-funded,

We need to stabilize the funding of programs we provide independent of the cycle of a grant,

So that we can avoid the risk having to lay off staff and terminate critical services to children and families when grant cycles expire.

Research Topic #6

As an organization with a shrinking pool of employment candidates, in an industry that faces an incredible workforce crisis due to the complexities associated with the mission,

We need to improve recruitment, interviewing, onboarding and retention strategies,

So that we can remain operational and continue delivering positive outcomes.

The Call for Registration will begin soon.

Do you want to gain practical experience applying agile solutions to real-world problems?  When you look at the research topic proposals, can you see yourself joining one of those research opportunities as an active participant?  Do you want to gain a co-author credit for an actual experience report?

Participation Submission Deadline: June 7, 2021

Research participants will become members of a cross-functional research team, helping a Client Partner find solutions to their Challenge.  There are three roles available on the research teams:  Research Lead, Researcher and Coordinator.  You will be asked to indicate which challenges you would like to help with and the role you would like to adopt.