There has been a growing realization in the business world, especially in the last couple of years, that Agile isn’t just for software anymore.  Whether you are a team of managers tasked with transforming the culture of your organization, a marketing director trying to improve the speed and effectiveness of your digital content, or even a home improvement buff trying to refurbish a basement, you can practice Agility the same as everyone else.  The differences are not as striking as you might think!

Learning Objectives:

After a very quick reminder of Agile values and principles, we’ll discuss several examples of non-software deliveries, seeing how the agile principles and practices can with very little effort be applied to the work at hand.  The agile mindset is very flexible. By the end of the session you will believe that Agile is far more versatile than just helping deliver one kind of work.

Target Audience:

Executive / Management, Practitioners, Newbies, Coaches, Product / Portfolio Management


Michael Marchi

A dozen or so years ago, Mike turned a quest for project sanity and predictability into a journey that transformed his career.  He is one of the founders of the Agile Professional Learning Network of Chicago (, a professional meetup group that serves the Chicago Northwest suburbs.  He currently works as a Management Consultant and Agile Practice Leader for Strive Consulting.  There he brings form to Strive’s ever-expanding Agile service offerings, while engaging with clients as an Agile Coach. When it comes to agility, Mike is pragmatic, rather than dogmatic, specializing in helping organizations find the perfect blend of agile practices and methodologies to drive them into the future.

Twitter: @michaelmarchi