Building the “perfect team” seems like an impossible task these days. Can a truly “cross-functional” team even be built? How do you get introverts and extroverts (yes, they DO exist in IT) to play nice? Seems like these days you practically need a degree in psychology to get this right. But you don’t. Over the course of my career, I’ve worked with my clients and my company to develop high functioning teams. I’ve found that regardless of focus (software development, marketing, sales), there are patterns to what makes teams successful, and what can hold them back from greatness. In this talk, I’ll cover a couple of tools for understanding the needs and strengths of your individual team members, identifying strength gaps, and action items for creating a happy and well-balanced team that can get it done!

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understanding what the individual members of the team need to be successful instead of trying “one size fits all” solutions
  2. Creating a safe and supportive environment to foster experimentation and learning
  3. Leveraging people’s individual strengths and balancing the team as a whole

Target Audience:

Executive / Management, Practitioners, Coaches


Angela Dugan

Angela Dugan is a Director for the Chicago and Bloomington Offices of Polaris Solutions. She is an active tech community contributor, organizes a number of local meetups and conferences, and has turned her passion for helping people develop into their best selves into a career. Angela has spent 20 years working in the software industry and believes that two things remained constant – what customers want will change, as will the technology you use to deliver it. Change can be hard, but it doesn’t have to be. Angela is an avid board gamer, an accidental CrossFit junkie, an aspiring crafty diva, and a Twitter addict. She is constantly working on her 100+ year old house in Oak Park with her husband David, where they raise two ornery chickens Betsy and Gertrude and a rambunctious GSP named Sadie.