How do you grow a continuously learning organization? If certifications and wikis were enough, organizations would be crushing it. In this session we look at how we learn in complex domains – focusing on tacit vs explicit knowledge; context learning; and growing coaches and teachers. If you have heard of the Dojo (or want to hear more about it) – where whole teams come to learn new skills while building their product – this talk is why the dojo works along with a little of how it works and a taste of how to start your own.

Learning Objectives:

Takeaways from this talk are how Dojos can become effective learning centers in your organization while simultaneously shifting the cultural boundary towards continual learning and experimentation as effective means of product success.

Target Audience:

Executive / Management, Practitioners, Newbies, Coaches


Bill Allen

Bill spent over 20-years as a consultant and employee developing software for every major financial exchange in Chicago (except for the Chicago Stock Exchange). Before that he developed software for the now fallen retail giant which arguably was the Amazon of its time – Sears Roebuck & Co. As Founder and Principal Consultant of agile Innovation Labs, he now coaches and trains organizations to apply Software Craftsmanship and Product Discovery in their journey to develop the right product, right. His focus is to share pragmatic perspectives towards helping organizations become learning organizations – ones where not only are engineers learning latest delivery designs and skills but also teams are learning to build better products and organizations are learning to remove their own internal friction. Bill resides in Chicago. When he is not husbanding, fathering, coaching, or biking he is writing. Bill is working on his first book entitled “Teaching Coaches to Hang Glide / Being Fearless for Your Team”.