As a group of agile thought leaders, we have succeeded in changing our organization by focusing on One Thing each month.  Every month we pick a topic to go after and conduct a sprint around that topic. We will be discussing some of our past topics, the results we have seen, and conducting a working session so that you can use One Thing too.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Limiting WIP to one item at a time to improve focus
  2. Inspect and adapt so we get better over time
  3. Inclusion and collaboration produce better results

Target Audience:

Executive / Management, Practitioners, Newbies, Coaches


Kevin Houston

Kevin Houston has been involved with agile software development for more than 10 years. He has had experience in a number of roles within those teams, including Scrum Master, developer, Product Owner, tester, coach and engineering manager. Kevin is passionate about helping teams push themselves to be great and believes strongly in sound technical practices, servant leadership, and deliberate experimentation. In his experience the best teams are normally somewhat subversive, intentional about always learning new things, and are often overheard laughing.

Heidi Nuttle

Heidi Nuttle has a unique mix of technical and business background combined with strong analytical and conceptual thinking. She values agile/lean approaches to building software and is passionate about encouraging others to share those values. As a scrum master and agile coach, she provides servant leadership to 2 agile software development teams at Vizient.