Leadership can come in many ways. To some people, leadership come naturally as part of a job position of status. To others, it is a duty to serve and support the team to it’s journey to success. According to latest researches on leadership, leaders with massive success were not necessarily the traditional image of a leader, but someone who was a servant first, leading by example and sharing the passion for the work. The Agile Manifesto also describes servant leadership traits like give to the team the environment they need and trust them to get the job done. But what really are servant leadership traits and how can we use them on our daily work? Which are the characteristics of this leadership model? This presentation will show some of the main characteristics of a servant leader, and how we can use these trais to support and influence our teams and organiations.

Learning Objectives:

At the end of this presentation, participants will understand:

  1.  What is true servant leadership
  2. How to change our leadership mindset to that of a servant leader
  3. How servant leadership can influence our daily work
  4. How we can influence our team and organization

Target Audience:

Executive / Management, Practitioners, Newbies, Coaches, Product / Portfolio Management


Marcos Correa

Marcos is an international project manager and speaker, with projects in Brazil, Ireland and Germany. During his career, he led offshore teams from India to Argentina, China to Ukraine, delivering projects to Fortune 100 companies like Ericsson, McDonald’s, Coke, United Airlines, Northern Trust Bank, Southwest Airlines and Verizon . With 15+ years experience in software development, web, mobile and IT, he have successfully managed multi-million dollar projects to completion. As a trainer, he provided workshops in Latin America, Europe and Asia, always on Agile and Software Management practices