Are you suffering from Product Debt? Product Debt erodes customer value, stifles innovation, and increases the time and cost it takes to deliver new functionality. It’s what differentiates a product your customers will love from one with a less than satisfying user experience. Product Debt grows when you add lower value or unneeded features to your product, fail to consider the full user experience, and don’t monitor the right metrics after launch. This leads to an overly complex and costly product that’s difficult to maintain. While you can’t (and sometimes shouldn’t) eliminate Product Debt, there are approaches to reduce bad debt and use Product Debt to your advantage.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify the causes and impacts of Product Debt
  2. Understand when to use Product Debt for your strategic advantage
  3. Discover techniques you can use for reducing Product Debt

Target Audience:

Practitioners, Coaches, Product / Portfolio Management


Dave Saboe

Dave Saboe is a Senior Agile Coach and he’s is passionate about helping individuals, teams, and organizations do the best work of their lives. He has been in the Business Analysis and Project Management field for two decades and has led teams of Business Analysts and Scrum Masters. Dave is also a frequent industry speaker and has presented at AgileIndy, Agile Day Chicago, the Agile Professional Learning Network, and various meetups and industry groups. Dave also hosts a weekly podcast on topics related to business analysis and product ownership.